Signs of the Times: Management of Signage in Nanaimo

Email from blog reader Jim Galloway

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From: Jim Galloway
To: Ron Bolin
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 10:57 AM
Subject: Fw: Management of Signage in Nanaimo

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From: Jim Galloway
Cc: Mitch Wright
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 10:54 AM
Subject: Management of Signage in Nanaimo

Mayor John Ruttan and Councillors,
City of Nanaimo

No doubt your attention has been brought to the Nanaimo News Bulletin full page ‘advertorial’, Sept 9th, wherein “The Soakhouse is turning 3 years old!” i.e. the rubber ducky.

If I might cut to the chase, I view this material as a piece of crap! The expression ‘blowing smoke’ comes to mind. Not only has management of The Soak House clearly contravened the guidelines established by our Bylaw, but it is also showing poor taste and effectively rubbed the nose of Council in it. Isn’t there a point of pushing the limit? Respectfully, the credibility of Council is now at stake.

As you know, for what is now approaching the better part of three years, Council has permitted the real estate, contractors and developers of our City to have cart blanche when it comes to signage. Are we now going to extend the moratorium to the business committee? Isn’t it time for Council to get off the fence and show some leadership on these matters? The alternative is laissez-faire. As one of the general public, I submit that is unacceptable.

Surely Council does not have to be reminded the taxes paid in our City, by the residential ratepayers, are in excess of 65% of revenues received. We may not place advertisements in our local newspapers but, be most assured we do want, and need, to be heard.

Jim Galloway

cc the editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin


Note: At the Monday, Sept. 13 Council Meeting, discussion on the use and placement of LED signs will begin.  Parts of Nanaimo’s sign bylaw have been officially ignored for over 2 and half years.  See pp 36 to 44 in the agenda for this meeting at:
On Thursday, Sept. 16 at 7 pm there will be a public forum on the use and placement of Real Estate signs.  See: