Time for the traffic calming roundabout?

Jessie Kennedy, Sept 2: I’d like to know why city planners (or whoever is responsible for all of the stop lights on Bowen Rd) have round-a-bout-phobia. Why not have round-a-bouts on that road?

George, Sept 2: Roundabouts are a great idea and are mainly designed to replace 4 way stops. There are many pros and cons. Perhaps one of the “contributors” here can start a new topic so we can discuss it.

From the City’s Downtown Design Guidelines:

A double lane roundabout is designed for the intersection of Terminal Avenue and Nicol Street at the entrance to the proposed Port Place Plaza.  Nicol Street would retain two lanes of traffic in each direction. In principle, this concept appears to support current traffic volumes but confirmation by a transportation study and consultation with the Ministry of Transportation is required.  A roundabout at the Wentworth Street, Cliff Street and Terminal Avenue intersection may be a viable future option.