Undeveloped hole a blight in city core

Dan Appell  —  September 1, 2010
To the Editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin
Re: Seawalk condo project on hold, Aug. 28.

I am troubled by the mayor’s attitude toward the Seawalk condo project. His attitude leaves us with a very big, ugly hole in a primary location for an indefinite amount of time.

That hole does not make this city attractive to potential investors who might contribute to the economic development of this city.

That hole does not improve the impression this city leaves on tourists who would otherwise encourage their friends to visit this city.

And that hole does not make downtown a more appealing place for us to live and visit.

That hole is costing us money, or it is making life harder for us.

That hole should be treated as a nuisance property, at the very least.

Private industry or not, the mayor has every right to say to the developers that either they develop this property to the degree that they can get financing, or fill in the hole and make the site look like a continuation of the park. Either option is not asking too much, but to ask that we put up with that hole until the developers get the financing they want is asking way too much of us.

Dan Appell