All Aboard for Citizen Journalism

Ron Bolin  —  Aug. 28, 2010
Your humble contributors here at , are finding that interest in our blog is now joined by a veritable treasure trove of media opening up to citizen journalists of all types.  Here are contacts for the others who are now coming on board (though to be honest, Paul Manly has been active for some time on an even bigger stage and his experience is invaluable).

BLOGs: and others which are available via that site.  If we have missed any which are dedicated to Nanaimo and environs there, please let us know.

PRINT MEDIA:  Cale Cowen at the Daily News has called for a “rightish” columnist to balance a new column by “leftish” Diane Brennan.  See Nor should we forget the letters to the Editor of the Daily News and the Bulletin or the “response” capabilities found on their electronic versions.

RADIO: CHLY radio has received a grant to train citizen journalists. See CHLY provides a great local resource which can use more reporting.  It would be a shame for anyone who has thought that they have something to say to miss the chance to learn how to do it.

TELEVISION:  Paul Manly is calling for an independent community production organization:

“Welcome aboard, ICTV Mid Island is getting ready to launch!
The first program I am submitting to Shaw is an edited version of the Shout Out for Global Justice a three hour live event at Massey Hall in Toronto on Friday June 25th 2010, the evening before the mass march against the G20 in Toronto and the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. I edited this event down from 3 hours to 98 minutes and will be bringing it in to Shaw this week. This program was created as part of a national Cable Access Coalition project that I am spearheading for Smart Change. You can read about the project here Feel free to sign up to Smart Change and join our growing network.
There’s a lot of other programming we could create and submit to Shaw. As an independent community production organization we can ask for up to four hours of program time a week with four – one hour time slots (repeating the same hour of programming). I shot 9 hours of footage at the Water Watch conference that could be edited into several programs. There are always lots of events and speakers in town that are not covered by the main stream media. We could also cover all candidates meetings, community events, conferences (that Shaw doesn’t cover) and develop a news department with CHLY radio to cover local news and events etc.
This is not something I want do on my own. Making community TV should be a community event. You don’t have to know anything about TV production, there’s lots of diverse tasks involved. I’m looking for people who are willing to help with production and post production of video, sit on a board of directors, help fundraise, help produce and maintain a website, create graphics, research stories, write, log footage, transcribe interviews etc. If you want to learn about TV production that is part of the mandate of ICTV Mid island – education and training (oh yea I also need help writing the mandate, bylaws etc for the incorporation of ICTV as a society or coop.)
If you are interested in helping out in any way please feel free to contact me at your convenience. If you want to remain a supporting member don’t do anything (we’ll be in touch later). If you would like off of this email list please reply with remove in the subject line.
I am hoping to create a society or coop and have an official launch for ICTV Mid Island this fall. Any volunteers for a board would be appreciated.
If you live outside of Nanaimo please let me know which community you live in. If you want to represent an organization with your membership in ICTV Mid Island please let me know (the more the merrier).
More info on Cable access
According to the Broadcasting act and CRTC policy, the cable companies are required to provide access to community TV stations in the way of training, access to equipment and air time. If you want to find out more you can check these links

Consumers pay a 5% levy on their cable bills which pay the cost of the ‘community access’ cable stations. This adds up to $155 million across Canada. We have a right to access the channel and we should exercise that right as a community. We are also able to repost the programming we create on the internet in the same way that ICTV Victoria does. Check this link to see their videos
Paul Manly
250 729-1254

The time is right, the resources are available, we have only ourselves to blame it we let these opportunities pass.  Let’s do it!