From the Globe & Mail: Nanaimo rethinks crack kits for addicts

Frank Murphy — August 8, 2010
In case you missed it  the Globe ran this feature in its Saturday edition on the Balmoral Hotel and the harm-reduction approach in general to problems like addiction that are linked to homelessness.

It includes details of a recent SFU study:

“Social, health and drug use characteristics of primary crack users in three mid-sized communities in British Columbia, Canada “


A couple of other things that caught my in the weekend papers: Affordable housing has been a topic here recently. Here’s an article in the Globe on attempts to create fee-simple row housing in Vancouver.


And the idea of municipal political parties has come up a number of times. The money and the players behind Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver party and their success in winning Vancouver City Hall in this Vancouver Sun story might hold some interesting lessons. How Big Money Drives Social Change