Less than Mushrooms…

Ron Bolin — July 26, 2010
What have we been told about the final total cost of the Conference Centre?  What have we been told about the reasons why we paid some $600,000 to our former City Manager to go away?  What have we been told about our suit against the Millennium and Suro development companies to collect over $3 million in payments for services not rendered?  What have we been told about city agreements with shell companies?  What have we been told about the dreams of our City Council for the development of our city and how they propose to bring these dreams to fruition?  How many bylaws go unenforced due to tacit or active decisions by Council?  What opinions do our Councillors hold about what is happening in our city and our Province which will affect our lives in Nanaimo?  When do our Mayor and Council present their views on public affairs to the public?  Do they engage in serious discussions of these issues at Council meetings?  Do they have a web site where their thoughts and issues are presented and discussed?  Do they regularly appear on CHLY radio in an “Ask your Councillor” format?  Do they have regular open houses where citizens can discuss issues with them?  Do they present issues on any web site?  Have we heard Council’s “State of the City Report”?

Unless you have sources beyond those available to me, the answers to all the above questions is nothing, no, or never.  Nanaimo citizens seem not even be worthy of the manure that is required for the healthy growth of mushrooms.  Our Council seems to have adopted the theme that “Silence is Golden.”  Aside from their lack of spontaneity, they additionally frequently ignore direct questions on civic matters.  Are they entitled to their silence?  Are we deserving of it?  Why do we not demand more?  What do you say, fellow mushrooms?  Aren’t we at least entitled to a little high level bs about what their positions are on the issues facing the city and why they hold them?