City, developers looking to wreck waterfront area

Dan Appell — July 22, 2010
To the Editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin

Re: Brechin residents don’t own city’s waterfront region, Letters, July 17.

I must respond to John Bailey’s very insulting letter.

To start, I am not a resident of Newcastle/Brechin Hill, but I have been involved in the community’s efforts to create a plan for itself. The property owners that I have met during this planning process are all working very hard to protect the value and increase the equity of their property. Their efforts are commendable.

The property owners of Brechin Hill are also trying to promote and defend the very best practices of urban development – development that is both sustainable and benefits everybody in Nanaimo.

Unfortunately, a few developers, would like to take value away from the Brechin Hill property owners, and use that to pay for amenities along the waterfront.

Bailey might be all right with that, because it looks like he gets something for nothing. The developers like it because they really do get something for nothing. Sadly, the people who pay for this, are our neighbours in Newcastle/Brechin Hill.

What these developers are trying to do on our waterfront isn’t right and it isn’t fair. It represents the very worst in urban planning practices.

The fact that certain city planners are doing their best to help these few developers, at the expense of a whole neighbourhood, is a disgusting shame. We need to put a stop to it.

Dan Appell