Who is kidding who?

Ron Bolin —  July 4, 2010
In “Our $3M hotel money may be lost”, July 3, Derek Spalding easily gives in to our all too prevalent tendency to self victimization by putting forward the idea that our City representatives were so negligent that they signed a deal with, and gave over $3 million in taxpayer dollars to, shell companies which have no assets and thus we should have no expectations. If this is found to be the case, then heads should roll from Council, Senior Staff and the City’s Solicitors.

Another example of Nanaimo defeatism is found in our Mayor’s statement that we need to come up “with a fair and equitable settlement…” Fair and equitable is compensation in full. To begin to waffle before the matter is engaged is extremely disconcerting. What kind of a game have we been playing and who has been played? What kind of a game is City Hall continuing to play? Did Mr. Berry not wish to be around for the end game?

I don’t know about my fellow citizens, but I am tired of being a patsy.