Is the City planning for plug-in vehicles?

email from NanaimoCityHall blog reader Gordon Scott

date Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 9:57 PM
subject: accommodation for plug-in hybrids?

I live in the Yellow Point area and frequently drive into the city of Nanaimo to shop and do business. I believe that in approximately 18 months we will see the roll out of plug-in hybrid cars and I would very much like to purchase one. But, once into Nanaimo where would I be able to plug-in? Without any ability to plug-in I would probably have to fall back onto the gasoline powered motor…has the City done any planning for a future with plug-in vehicles?


Gordon Scott

Reply from Nanaimo Environmental Planner Rob Lawrance:

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 15:47:43 -0700
From: Rob Lawrance <>
To: Frank Murphy

Hi Frank

Yes the City has been discussing the emergence of pure electric vehicles on the market and the need to place charge stations at convenient, accessible locations.

At this point I am involved in developing a sustainability action plan for the City, which will identify initiatives and programs that will help Nanaimo work toward reducing GHG emissions and reaching its GHG reduction targets, that were recently added to the City’s OCP. While the City will clearly play a role, the action plan is meant to identifying all our community other partners that will be contributing toward reducing emission and saving energy, over the long term.

Establishing charge stations and identifying partners to lead this effort will be raised in the action plan. More details on opportunities to be involved in developing and commenting the action plan will be available in the Fall.

As an aside, The City has partnered with other munipalities and with the Fraser Basin Council to participate in a bulk purchase of up to 6 Ford “Direct Connect” electric vehicles, which will be used by public works and parks staff in the coming years (See and top of page three of the attached minutes). If provincial funding is approved, the first vehicle could be delivered to the City by this Fall.

Hope this helps

Rob Lawrance,
Environmental Planner
City of Nanaimo

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