Council’s Budgetary Priorities: Unreported & Untested

Ron Bolin —  June 30, 2010

Mayor Ruttan and Councillors:

At the FPCOW meeting on Monday, the following item was laid over pending further discussion.

“2011 – 2015 Financial Plan Priorities
Staff’s Recommendation: That Council either:
1. confirm the 11 budget priorities previously stated by Council;
2. provide alternate budget direction.”

I note that the 2009 Annual Municipal Report makes no mention of these budget priorities nor have I seen any analysis of the success or failure of their implementation in the 2009/2010 budget. Neither have I found the methods by which their utility could be measured. I would suggest that, in order to be truly useful, such measures and analyses should be implemented in the future and should be presented to citizens in the City’s Annual Report. I suggest this topic for discussion at the eventual seminar and would further suggest that a method of public involvement in this discussion be found.

As an aside, I note that the budget is one of the City’s primary activities which has no accompanying advisory committee. While one must recognize the primacy of Council in this area, in the end it is also primary in all other committee areas and appointed advisory committees are just that, advisory.

Thank you for your consideration.