Public Art is sprouting around downtown Nanaimo

Frank Murphy — June 26 2010
Public Art is sprouting around downtown Nanaimo this week. It’s a joint initiative of the City and the Nanaimo Art Gallery. Here’s the City press release.These are temporary installations, to be sold at auction in the Fall. It’s unclear if the intent is to encourage the new owners to leave the works in place.  The pieces intended for Muffeo Sutton weren’t in place when I went by earlier today. The palms pictured aboveare at MacGregor Park across from the Port Theatre. It has good scale and is carefully placed, effectively taming the space around it. As does the tuning fork at Krall Space if you forgive it the uninspired music motif. 

The sails at Pacifica are ok as architectural decorations but here’s what great public art looks like:Claes Oldenburg’s Cupid’s Span, Waterfront San Francisco.

Richard Serra’s Wave. Sculpture Park, Seattle.