City To Take Action Against Millennium

Jim Taylor, June 17, 2010
In a press release yesterday the city announced it is beginning legal action against Millennium Nanaimo Properties Ltd. and Suro Development Company in the hopes of recovering over $3 million the city feels owed by this company.
Before the decision was made to spend more tax dollars on legal fees I would like to know what kind of assets either of these companies have with which to satisfy any judgment the city may win?
Further I would like to know, how many tax dollars will have to be spent pursuing this matter legally regardless of the outcome.
It will prove an interesting test of the quality of the contract the city entered into when this whole project began.
As an observation, this city council has always seemed unwilling to engage the legal system to resolve matters. The recent five year contract with a plumbing supplier, and the threat of ‘exposure’ if Mr. Berry was not paid over half a million to stay home, have always seemed enough reason for the city to just ‘roll over’ on the advice of their lawyers.