gonanaimo blog has forwarded this notice re: Nanaimo’s Urban Deer

The Vancouver Island Animal Defense League is hosting a public forum to discuss non-lethal ways of approaching the issue of Nanaimo’s urban deer. Most of us would agree that the deer are not safe where they are now. Deer are competing for turf with humans and many are being hit by cars. The Nanaimo Animal Control officer says their unit is picking up around 30 dead animals a month, most of them in the Hammond Bay Road area of North Nanaimo.

It may be in the best interests of the deer community itself for some of the males to be sterilized or for animals to be relocated away from neighbourhoods where they have become too numerous. What do you think?

Nanaimo Mayor John Ruttan has said that he is uncomfortable with the idea of killing deer for the sake of convenience and that he will oppose the idea of the province downloading the responsibility to municipalities.

The provincial government may decide to go ahead with a deer cull and we need to discuss humane alternatives. Views expressed at the forum will be forwarded to Nanaimo City Council.


7 pm on Monday, May 31, 2010

Kin Hut, Departure Bay Beach, Nanaimo


(To see the exact location online, go to http://maps.google.com/ and enter “departure bay road, nanaimo, bc” in the search box. The Kin Hut is behind the children’s playground in Kinsman Park.)

Poster pdf: deer poster