We wanna more of your money for our pensions

There was  a revealing article in the Globe and Mail on May 19th by Tavia Grant entitled Public sector raises peter out.In a turning point, hikes in government salaries (are) almost non-existent as deficit-fighting comes to the fore.

It now seems that all levels of government across the country have finally come to realize that the wages, salaries and benefits of public sector employees now far surpass those in the private sector.Indeed, the B.C. Government “is freezing public sector wages and cutting head count by 11 percent over the next three years.”

So what does C.U.P.E. have to say about this? Well, the President of the union, a fellow named Paul Moist from Ottawa , is reported as saying ” it’s much tougher to negotiate this year than last, given the restrained budgetary environment.” Geez, life is tough out there isn’t it Paul. He is now apparently more centered on job security and pensions.Well Mr.Moist ,you need not worry about job security in Nanaimo  because our City employees have as much security as any workers in the country.

But a union grab for more pension money is another matter.In 2009 , taxpayers in the City of Nanaimo contributed $3,468,581 into the pension plan for union and non-union employees, an increase of almost 12% over 2008. And you wanna more Mr.Moist? Do you think it’s fair that C.U.P.E. pension benefits should continue to increase on the backs of the taxpayer? Well no thanks,your members are getting more than a fair slice of the pie.Enough is enough.

Wayne Schulstad