Fitz looking west up the hill

DSCN1646Myra Thomson photo.  Originally uploaded by NanaimoCityHall

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Here’s the Downtown Design Guidelines on the Fitzwilliam precinct:

“Sloping up from Wallace Street, this study area is well developed between Selby Street and Wesley Street with a tight urban fabric and good pedestrian scale. However, surface parking dominates between Wesley Street and Robson Street. Lubbock Square, a unique feature of the original 1891 plan, has all but been lost. The rail line, between Selby Street and Prideaux Street is a significant urban design feature.”

Urbanismo in an earlier comment referred to Lubbock Square. People may not be aware of it’s significance:

“Lubbock Square area spans Fitzwilliam Street, a short block on each side, from the E&N railway to west of Milton Street. Its current use includes RCMP, Fire, Ambulance and Community Services, transit and parking facilities. See Fitzwilliam study area for urban design recommendation for Lubbock Circle, a new landmark civic space and traffic calming roundabout.”

Don’t miss Urbanismo’s wonderful watercolours of

“unappreciated… little urban spaces that could be very attractive urban experiences”:

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