New Hotel – Really?

Today’s Daily News carries a story: “Mayor hints at big news for the city, but will not discuss details” which should be of interest to all of us. If we have finally found an investor willing to build a hotel to compliment our Conference Centre, this is good news unless: 1) We are somehow “partnering” so that Nanaimo taxpayers act as the insurance provider against loses as we are with the VICC, or a major equity donor with either site or park land at either location. Similarly let’s hope that the design has nothing to do with the unconscionable condo tower lastly proposed by Millennium, the rooms of which were largely over 1000 sq. feet and obviously not designed for hotel purposes. But if the deal is real and unsubsidized by taxpayers: hooray for whichever city individuals or groups are responsible! And thanks for saving taxpayers the $300,000 proposed to be paid for finding an investor.

More troubling in the story was the following: “Ruttan said he may have spoken to several council members about the project, but he has tried to keep things quiet. Do we now have a two tier Council system made up of those to whom our mayor speaks to and those to whom he doesn’t? I appreciate his concern for leaks, but rather than dividing Council he should ensure that those who spill legally protected information are removed from Council. I do not wish to wonder whether my vote is going to an “in” group on Council or an “out”.

Ron Bolin