Design Advisory Panel meeting May 13

A quick update on a couple of things I’m working on:

My post of April 26th was a copy of an email to Director of Planning Andrew Tucker cc’d to GM, Development Ted Swabey.  Andrew promptly and in detail answered my questions in regard to the Port Place Mall Development and Rezoning Applications. He pointed out that when the developer submits new plans the applications could be headed back to the Design Advisory Panel for further review. I understand the panel did recommend approval of the original plans.

I asked for the meeting schedule and names of the members of this panel which were also promptly supplied and also I was informed that Gary Noble, Development Approval Planner is the liaison between the Planning Department and the Design Advisory Panel and would be a resource for any other information I needed. Gary also was helpful, backed up by Heidi Davidson, Planning Clerk, Development Services Division who was able to supply further detail and clarification. I inquired about attending the meetings of the panel and was told I’d be very welcome. The next meeting is next Thursday the 13th and I’m planning to attend.

As we gather such information, schedules and personnel of each City Committee will be available under the CITY COMMITTEES, COMMISSIONS, PANELS tab at the top of the page.

On the agenda of the next meeting (emailed to me in draft form even before it was on the City website) is a development proposal for 888 Bruce Ave. The details aren’t on the NanaimoMap on the City website yet but I’ll post detail here when they are.

I’ve been in touch with Victoria architect Franc D’Ambrosio, whose firm authored the award winning Downtown Design Guidelines, and we had a wide ranging and very interesting conversation. I’ll be relaying an account of my conversation with him over the next couple of days.

Frank Murphy

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