The Definition of Dirt Ugly

I hope that anyone reading this post never has to do what I did today, that is pick up a parcel at the bus depot  at Comox Road and Terminal Ave.If there is a more disgusting public facility in Nanaimo,or Vancouver Island for that matter, I would like to know about it. (Actually I don’t want to know). The outside entranceway has a concrete slab covered in filth and very badly in need of steam cleaning.There are panels of glass that appear never to have been cleaned.There is graffiti on the walls and a public pay phone has been ripped from its location.The lighting consists of several exposed florescent bulbs covered in grime and  filth. The exterior scene is bad- really,really bad.

And the interior is even worse.The first thing that is overwhelmingly noticeable is the smell, which permeates the inside of the depot.It is truly disgusting.The floor is almost as dirty as outside.But the walls,so help me, are so dirty they appear to have never  been painted.If they ever were painted it must have been 50 years ago.This scene is truly the definition of dirt ugly.How the individuals who work therein are able to stand it simply astounds me.

I understand that the property, land and building, is leased by the bus operators from the owners of the adjacent hotel.Why the lessee does not have the property renovated and otherwise maintained to an acceptable level for human occupancy is truly beyond belief.

That brings me to the City of Nanaimo.Now I do not suggest that the City can be blamed for this mess,but surely someone from that office  must be aware of the unacceptable conditions at the depot.This being the case,why do they not take some initiative with the propery owners and/or occupants to fix it? After all,well over $100 Million taxpayer funds have been spent to attract out-of-town visitors-can you imagine the impression of Nanaimo that will be left with any of these individuals who decide to arrive in the city by bus.

Wayne Schulstad

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