The Best City Money Can Buy

In investigative pieces in the Vancouver Sun today (April 30), the following stories, and others, hit the headlines:
“Searchable database: Who is funding your local council?
Municipal election donations obscured by red tape, low-tech and council belligerence
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Illegal campaign contributions: Getting past ‘not in the public interest to proceed’
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Help The Sun figure out who’s bankrolling local politicians
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These stories make for some interesting reading and give us pause to ponder the nature of our democracy and perhaps some insight into why Nanaimo develops as it does. In the Print edition it was noted that the main contributors to candidates were developers, builders and the unions.  Unfortunately the only communities examined were in the lower mainland, but the record in Nanaimo is similar. Very few individuals contribute and developers, builders and unions give generously. If you want to do a little research, in Nanaimo contribution filings are stored on the city’s web site and can be accessed at:

Ron Bolin

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