Cranky blogger takes Daily News editorial board to task

email to the Daily News Thurs Apr 29 in response to editorial concerning the departure of the Economic Development Officer…

To the editor:

When the Daily News editorial board, given the shear mass of grey cells it must contain, offers economic development advice I wonder how its parent company Canwest ever got in such financial difficulty. Did the Canwest board not have the good sense to tap this great depth of wisdom?

The editorial of April 29, informs us how urgent it is to replace outgoing Economic Development Officer Marilyn Hutchinson as there are “pressing issues… to address”. The editorial board has done us a great service though in identifying priorities for us – build a hotel, it’ll fix the problems with the conference centre. Secure a passenger ferry service into Vancouver harbour.

The editorial fills out the list with a multiplex and “dozens of important infrastructure projects”. OK, it’s short on detail and there’s no mention of long term strategic planning or risk analysis or best practices elsewhere.

The editorial also clarifies for us the role of an Economic Development Officer — “The city needs an economic development officer to ensure projects… stickhandle their way through the city’s bureaucracy easily and not derailed.” I’m not sure if this isn’t more the role of a tour guide than an Economic Development Officer, but whatever…

It all seems so simple looked at through the viewfinder of the Daily News editorial board.

Frank Murphy

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