Letter to CM Kenning re annex seismic upgrade and Freedom of Information request

Attn : Mr. Al Kenning – City Manager :

Dear Mr. Kenning :    Re : Freedom of Information

Enclosed is a copy of the Preliminary Cost Estimate dated July 3, 2009 from Herold Engineering Limited pertaining to the proposed $ 6.2 M seismic upgrade for the City Annex Building. This document was sent to me pusuant to a F.O.I. request (City File No. 25-FOI-2010-S). You will see that information as to the preliminary estimated costs has been severed from the disclosure by the City under Section 21 of the F.O.I. and Protection of Privacy Act.

The purpose of this letter is to put on record my strongest  possible objection to the City’s position in this matter. There is nothing in Section 21 that can in any manner be construed as being harmful to a third party. I ask that you read this Section to confirm to yourself that my assertion is correct.

I would also point out that in the agenda documents for the December 14, 2009 Council Meeting, specifically the matter of the Centennial Museum Building, staff included a much more detailed report from Herold Engineering, including estimated costs for the various options. Could you therefore please provide an explanation of the City’s policy in the matter of disclosure to the public on this type of information. Why does the City provide estimated costs in one instance (Museum) but refuse to provide any cost information on another matter (Annex)?

I close by asking that the City provide the cost information severed from the Herold report without further delay.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Yours truly

Wayne E. Schulstad

c/c Mayor and Council

Letter to CM Kenning,  Preliminary Cost Estimate and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act documentation here:  CM Kenning Apr 26

Wayne Schulstad

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