Sick Leave Benefits for The Privileged

The City has recently published its 2009 audited Financial Statements. Included therein are the financial details of employee “earned” sick leave benefits. (The correct term is ”unearned” , but that’s the way the the bureaucrats torque the truth). This benefit is the extra bonus that employees of the City receive just for showing up for work, and is over and above the handsome salaries and other generous benefits they receive.

The accumulated amount is no trivial sum– as of December 31,2009 it was $5,047,351. This figure is the year-end future money that City taxpayers are obligated to pay their employees for showing up to work. At the same period in 2008 the figure was $4,734,128, an increase of 6.6%. Isn’t it strange how these entitlements continue to grow while inflation was negative in 2009?

Wayne Schulstad