Time Off? Yes,we got that.

The City of Nanaimo Bylaw No.7000 establishes  “The terms and conditions of employment for officers and management/excluded employees of the City”.

One condition that makes their work less than onerous is the number of days in the year that a select number of senior management employees can contractually be absent from work, but still receive full pay during their absence. Consider, for example, an employee with 10 years of employment with the City. This is what this individual is entitled to:

1) Thirty (30) vacation days (ie:6 weeks).

2) Eleven (11) statutory holidays.

3) Eighteen (18) days of short term sick leave.

4) Five (5) days extra vacation in lieu of overtime worked.*

These senior employees are entitled to be absent from work for 64 working days during the calendar year.This amounts to 1 day short of 13 weeks,or 25% of the work year.

*The number of senior staff employed by the City who receive this benefit is approximately 45.

Wayne Schulstad