A Simple Question – A Letter to the Editor – and to Mayor Ruttan and Council

For more than six months a curtain of darkness has been pulled over the eyes of Nanaimo’s citizens and a muzzle placed on our elected officials in the matter of Mr. Berry’s departure from the service of the City of Nanaimo.  This issue is not going away and taxpayers deserve to know why so many of their dollars were used for this purpose.

Accordingly, I respectfully ask the Mayor and Council to formally and publicly request Mr. Berry’s permission to release the grounds for Mr. Berry’s very profitable departure so that it can be determined whether it involved a pre-existing agreement made with a previous Mayor/Council; or a very highly incentivized deal with our current Council for reasons associated with Mr. Berry’s performance; whether he was just tired of his job; or whether any other, as yet unknown, cause was involved.

Such a request costs the City nothing and can demonstrate that our Mayor and Council are not ashamed of the deal they made with Mr. Berry.  If, on the other hand Mr. Berry refuses we will be free to draw our own conclusions.

We already know that the deal will cost Nanaimo taxpayers some $600,000 for no effort in return from Mr. Berry.  What we do not know is how this waste of both money and talent was allowed to take place and whether we may have more such costly possibilities lurking.

Ron Bolin