A Modest Proposal – Letter to the Editor

Our City Council and Staff have professed a strong preference for Master Plans which outline the development of the empty fields on our periphery.  These plans are touted to ensure the appropriate development of these areas by providing attractive maps drawn up by their developers and conditions vouched for by our Planning Department.  With the developers, city staff  have worked long and hard to ensure the appropriateness of the Community Plans required to accommodate the developers of Sandstone and Cable Bay/Oceanview.  If records of the staff time spent on such projects have been kept, we could know how much staff effort went into them and how much might now be refocused on preparing a Master Plan for our own Downtown.

We all know that we have expended tens of millions of dollars in trying to revitalize downtown.  We have even hired a consultant so provide guidelines, but where is the Master Plan which envisions and guides our downtown development?  Where is our map of development?  Why don’t we use some of our resources looking out for ourselves rather than lavishing all our attention on outside developers?   Why are we active on behalf of developers and passive on behalf of ourselves?  Isn’t our downtown deserving of the expertise of our Planning Department?

– Ron Bolin