Salary Comparisons by Sector

Attn : Mayor and Council : Re : Salary Comparisons

Enclosed is information on salaries paid by various institutions in the Province of B.C., in other areas of Canada and in the City of Nanaimo. The information is posted on the internet by the firm Pay Scale,Inc, of Seattle. (URL:

Obviously you will arrive at your own conclusions if you study the data.  However I would point out that the chart listing median salaries for various employer types suggests that government employees (provincial and local) in the City of Nanaimo are paid substantially more than in other locations (*).

The majority of these government employees I would expect are with City of Nanaimo.  I would ask that you take this information into account as you continue your deliberations on the 2010 budget and future budgets. I also suggest the time is long overdue for a change to Bylaw 7000 which gives the City Manager complete authority over salaries and benefits for exempt staff.

Finally,I suggest you cancel your annual subscription of the ‘Hay Report’ and establish a system for the future which is appropriate for the City and its taxpayers.

Yours truly,

– Wayne Schulstad

View the salary comparison charts by clicking here:  Salary Comparisons