Jerry Berry departure: cost-saving argument unacceptable

Mayor Ruttan’s reticence in providing the facts pertaining to matters of Jerry Berry’s departure remains a matter of concern to Nanaimo city taxpayers. There are many unanswered questions about the strange circumstances and the back room deals that took place, not the least  of which is the Mayors refusal to publicly announce the full amount of Mr. Berry’s financial  settlement agreement. This agreement, approved by  the Mayor on October 5, 2009, does not specify the amount of the settlement (ie: cost to taxpayers) but does say “The details will be released once the final documents are signed”.
It is known that the  final documents were signed on October 5, 2009 and yet, over 6 months later, the Mayor continues to hide the details from the public. Furthermore, he specified in the documents that  members of City Council are not allowed “any discussion of the settlement or the reasons it was entered.” The Mayor has effectively muzzled our elected representatives, under the threat of personal legal action against them should they speak out.

Incidently, Mr. Berry didn’t leave his position at the City with a $480,000 payout. The actual amount he walked away with was almost $ 625,000. This includes a car allowance for 2 years while he is working in NorthVancouver or Pemberton or anywhere else he chooses to work, paid for by Nanaimo taxpayers.

Thank you Mayor for your hardball negotiating skills on our behalf. Now, how about confirming the details as you promised?

– Wayne Schulstad