Cost of Natural Gas in B.C.

Have you ever thought about how your monthly bill for natural gas compares to other locations in B.C.? Well,here are the rates,effective April 1,2010,with the total monthly bill based on a household consumption of 8 GigaJoules for comparison purposes.(A GigaJoule is equal to 1 Billion Joules. 6 GigaJoules is about the amount of chemical energy in a barrel of oil).

Total Monthly Bill

1.) Whistler $144.70

2.) Vcr.Island/Sunshine Coast $125.10

3.) East Kootenays $95.98

4.) Lower Mainland/Squamish $95.67

5.) Fort Nelson $87.30

6.) All Other Areas of B.C. $85.80

Your monthley bill from Terasen Gas will also include other charges not in above rates,including:
*Carbon Tax @ $ 0.75 per GJ.
*Clean Energy Level @ 4% of gas charge.
* GST @ 5 % of Total Bill.

Wayne Schulstad