Wayne Schulstad – Letter to Daily News re "City reduces senior staff budget by 5%" story, Mar 27, 2010

Your article “City reduces senior staff budget by 5%” is totally misleading and far from reality.

Firstly,the staff budget is not reduced by 5%, it is actually increased by 2%.You refer to former City Manager Berry’s settlement as being a future saving.That is true,but Nanaimo taxpayers will not realize a dollar in actual savings for at least 2 years on his payout package,which is still shrouded in secrecy and controversy.

Secondly,calling the 3 unfilled positions as being ‘staff reductions’ is bureaucratic mis-speak.The 3 technician positions were not filled last year because they were not required to run the City’s operations,just as they are not required this year.

Thirdly,the article failed to mention that in the 2010 budget there is an increase included for staff salaries and this will amount to a total increase of approximately $225,000 for the year, this being an increase of 2%,not a reduction of 5%.

Wayne Schulstad