A BYLAW TO REGULATE VACANT AND ABANDONED BUILDINGS Ron Bolin, Sept. 3, 2017           The District of West Kelowna has a bylaw for dealing with vacant and abandoned buildings such as the old A&B Sound building at 1 Commercial Street, which is debatably the centre of downtown Nanaimo and is impossible for those transiting through […]

Be Afraid…. Be Very Afraid…

Ron Bolin: August 15, 2017 At its regular Council meeting last night Council agreed, as I suppose it had to, to the borrowing of $6.2 million dollars to fulfil contractual obligations which it had already made by way of secret in-camera meetings for the acquisition of new automated garbage trucks at about $380,000 each, plus […]

80 pounds of Not Garbage???

Ron Bolin: August 4, 2017 Those who have paid attention to the City of Nanaimo’s announcements are aware that the City is introducing a new solid waste collection program which is very similar to the existing one in its schedule, but is very different in its devices and it costs. The program is called “Sort […]

Nanaimo Notes 5 & 6

Ron Bolin: July 16, 2017 Nanaimo Notes on the Nanaimo City Hall blog are reproduced from my Facebook page as the come out.  As in Facebook, comments and suggestions are welcomed here as well where they may be easier to find at a later date…   Nanaimo Notes #5 Herding Cats in Nanaimo Finding any […]

Nanaimo Notes

Ron Bolin: July 13, 2017 I recently opened a Facebook group under my name in which I try to deal with ideas that may be less tedious and more introductory.  I will periodically present the latest series of Nanaimo Notes to this blog.  This is the first installment.. Nanaimo Notes #1: I recently received an […]


Ron Bolin: June 23, 2017   At the Council meeting of June 19, 2017, Item 9-b on the agenda was as follows: 1411 White Street – Property Disposition 177 – 181 To be introduced by Dale Lindsay, Director of Community Development. Purpose:  To obtain Council approval for the sale of City-owned property located at 1411 White Street. Recommendation:  That Council: approve to dispose of City- owned  property located at 1411 White Street to Cori Creba for the sum of $240,000; and, direct the Mayor and Corporate Officer to execute the necessary documents to effect the transaction.   A question to the City regarding this transaction elicited a response which contained the following: The Section from the […]

Catch 22 in Action

Ron Bolin: June 23, 2017 The following correspondence is meant to provide some of the reasons why I have taken the time and trouble to document an important and expensive new City function which I believe demonstrates the danger to taxpayers posed by the arbitrary use of IN-CAMERA decisions with out of camera consequences. From: […]

Catch 22 and the City of Nanaimo

Ron Bolin: June 19, 2017 Some may have noted that our Council, holds an IN_CAMERA meeting behind closed doors in a private room preceding almost every open (i.e. public) Council meeting. IN-CAMERA is a term meaning “in private”. In the context of our City Council it provides authority for Council, along with others who they […]

A Word about the upcoming Council By-election

Ron Bolin: June 2, 2017 Yesterday was the closing day for applications to fill the vacancy left by the recent withdrawal of Councillor Pratt from Council.  The reasons for her departure have yet to be revealed, but the vacancy has left us with a position which must, by legislation, be filled in a by-election.  It […]

Who wins the $80 million dollar Prize?

March 17, 2017 – Contributed (This piece was originally sent to the Victoria Times Colonist as a Letter to the Editor.) THE PROPOSED 80 MILLION DOLLAR EVENTS CENTRE:  SHOULD NANAIMO “GO FOR IT”? by Eric Ricker In a January 26th editorial entitled “Nanaimo arena worth the risk,” this newspaper compared the proposed Events Centre (EC) […]