Public Right to Public Information

Ron Bolin: July 31, 2019 The following correspondence with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC outlines my correspondence with the OIPCBC and I hope defines my reasons for requesting the legal opinion obtained by the City and pursuing the OIPCBC in response to the refusal of the City to comply. Democracy, […]


By: Eric Ricker* NEWS ITEM: PROVINCE WILL SPEND $1.4 MILLION REHABILITATING MORDEN COLLIERY PROVINCIAL HISTORIC PARK undertaking, this uniquely significant heritage site will finally be rescued from oblivion, it’s time to give thanks to all those who made it possible. I’ll start at the very beginning: Without the interest and persistence of the very well-connected Vancouver businessman, […]

Is the Nanaimo Rifle Range Safe?

Written and Presented to Council by Lawrence Rieper As part of the construction of Nanaimo Army Camp, NRR was started in July 1940 and opened almost exactly a year later. It is variously described as encompassing between 800 and 860 acres. The actual firing points are between 600 yards (maximum) near the main entrance at […]

The Role of the Public in Public Hearings and Public Meetings

Ron Bolin: May 24, 2019 It is ironic that the only Council meeting at which the public is legislatively mandated to be able to give comment is, via the Local Government Act, a Public Hearing.  The public is permitted to speak at other Council meetings at Council’s discretion.  Yet Public Hearings are the only meetings […]

Governance, the Governors, and the Governed

Ron Bolin: Jan. 23, 2019 The City of Nanaimo has recently undertaken to exchange its “Committee of the Whole” for a “Governance and Priorities Committee”, a move to which I look forward with considerable anticipation.  I say this because it is my contention that successful governance is the key to successful government. But what is […]

Proportional Representation

If you haven’t done so yet, please be sure to get your vote for or against Proportional Representation in TODAY or it will be too late and you will be responsible for an important question which you have left up to others… Personally I have voted to ensure that any party which cannot achieve a majority […]

The Former Council’s first full Meeting: December 15, 2014

Ron Bolin: Nov. 20, 2018 It was with great interest that I watched the first VICC meeting of our new Council on Monday. Our new mayor and Councillors were all brief and deliberate in their speech and actions and the agenda was covered in just over an hour. I was particularly interested in what they […]

A TRAVESTY IN THE MAKING: Nanaimo’s proposed Procedure Bylaw 7272

Ron Bolin: Oct. 15, 2018 A few minutes ago I sent the following email to the Mayor and Council; CAO Rudolph; Sheila Gurrie, City Clerk and Corporate Officer and Nicola Marotz, Executive Director, Governance and Structure Branch, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Mayor McKay and Council: While I continue to object to the passage […]


Ron Bolin: September 16, 2018 On August 28, the public was invited to a meeting at Beban Park to hear about and discuss the draft for an updated Procedure Bylaw: “The current bylaw was adopted in 2007 and has had three amendments made using recommendations from a governance review conducted in 2013. We decided a […]

DRTEP and YOU and ME

  Ron Bolin: May 7, 2018 “FURTHERMORE TAKE NOTICE THAT, the program is accomplish its objectives by providing tax certainty to parcel-owners and reducing the municipal tax burden on parcels where a project is being undertaken. The properties that will be eligible for a tax exemption under the program are new multi-family residential developments, […]